A girly shopping trip to Edinburgh

Hey guys,
On Wednesday Rachel and I went on a road trip to Edinburgh with her mum. It was such a lovely drive where we blasted music and took selfies and had a good old gossip.
When we got to Edinburgh we went for lunch at last rouch and we both got a mega bowl of salad.

Becca's was:  bacon, baby gem, chicken, tomatoes, an egg, cucumber, radish and olive oil.
Rachel's was: salmon, beans, baby gem, egg, cucumber, tomatoes and radish.
We both also had a glass of water as after a car journey we were both feeling dehydrated.
Then we set off to explore. First stop was a Starbucks for becca as she wanted a good old caramel frape.

We then headed shopping.
Becca bought a benefit hola and got two mini samples of the porefessional and what's up highlighter.

After our stop at benefit we went to h&m and topshop.
The top shop on Princes Street was beautiful and also had so many more cloths than the ones we usually go to and was much better spaced out so wasn't as overwhelming.

When we went to h&m it was liggitally heaven.
They have all the festival cloths out and they are all beautiful and also so many beautiful summer and spring cloths.

In the h&m they also had a homewhere section and it was beautiful we spent a good old 20 minutes just lushing over the things and getting ideas for things we would like to add to our rooms.

(look out for a post soon about Becca doing up her dressing table).

We will hopefully do room tours soon but until then we will drop hints to what they look like in our videos and blog posts.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Rachel and Becca xxx


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