Now the holidays are just a blur away filled with chaotic nights spend trying to add finishing touches to outfits for countless winter events or festive parties (although I'm Usually always late and I'm sure that's just me!).What I've been getting up to this winter has been fun but I've been seriously unprepared and wish I picked out some pretty outfits with some shiny jewelry. Here are some adventures and missed outfit opportunities I've been getting up to
 Me and some friends, who invited their friends, planned to spend the night in an artsy little cafe but the night ended in a group of us running down the streets, laughing while trying to avoid puddles . My hair and transparent american apparel socks greatly suffered.   Another night I invited a friend round where we lit sparklers and danced around in my back garden despite the freezing air. I also spent the day wandering round the retro, kitsch shops in town and stepping into any boutique that looks even close to vintage, resulting in a pile of cool vintage clothes. And last; an ink-water self portrait, i scribbled was decided to be featured in an exhibition by an art-studio near by! Looking back now, 
I should have had some wintery party wear and so here are some outfit ideas  and color themes for festive parties:

 Top: American Apparel
Dungarees: Vintage/Thrifted
Boots: Primark
Jewelary: Topshop

Top:  Topshop
Skirt: Zara

Top: New Look
Shorts: Vintage/Thrifted


love Rachel xoxo


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