Sparkle Like a Crystal

so lately on one of my adventures (hehehee well not really,  actually just wandering round my favorite shops searching for cute finds, freezing on a seriously cold night), I noticed some beautiful crystal necklaces sparkling in one of the high street stores (sounds like i'm seriously overthinking a piece of jewelry) but they had  kind of spiritual element to them that would make any dark outfit look mysterious and eye-catching. Instead of using my few last pennies that are lying in my purse somewhere and buying the necklaces right there, I decided id make my own.

And here's my DIY that i'm sharing also a makeup look to match.I used a very pretty indigo crystal with flecks of gold,( I bought this from the crystal shop for £3.00) And my leather necklace is form a festive art show for £1.00

First take some wire (you can buy this from art shops very cheap) and wrap it tightly around the crystal creating a net round the top
Then attach a short piece of wire, hook it round a piece the previous net and do the same on two (opposite) sides of the crystalThen wrap the ends of these short pieces around the bottom of the necklace (or piece of leather)And then tie the ends or use a necklace clip its up to you!And your done!

The makeup look will keep you sparkling weather your at a spring party or walking in the cold, crisp sun, with shimmery eyes and dark lips for glamorous vibes but still keeping it simple:

For the eyes: BH Cosmetics Galaxy Palette: Neptune, Cosmic and Sun
For the lips: Topshop Lip Bullet in Wine Gum and Makeup Revolution in Salvation Velvet
The rest is just concealer (you can use your own as they vary depending on complexion and person) and i used Benefits They're Real mascara. 
Now the look is complete your ready to glimmer under the moonlight!
Love Rachel xoxo


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