My Pandora bracelet | 17.3.16

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It's Becca here today and I'm sharing you my lovely Pandora bracelet that I got for Christmas.

When I received this beautiful bracelet on Christmas day I was full of happiness because I have never received such a beautiful, sentimental bracelet in my life where I can add charms throughout my memories and achievements.

The charm I was given is a wee dog because I love dogs and animals in general and they make me so very happy. It also reminds me that my puppy Jarvis loves and cares about me and so do the rest of my family. The charm is £30 I belive but I will leave a link to the Pandora website at the bottom for you all to check out.

The actual strap (not sure that's what you would call it) is a dark purple leather and it's slightly metallic. This isn't a colour I would usually go for but I absolutely love it.

I think the next charm I will buy for this beautiful bracelet is a recovery charm as I would class myself as almost fully recovered from anorexia. I still have to decide which charm though but in the future (maybe and few months time) I will let you know which one I have picked and maybe then will go into a bit more detail if you all would like about my struggles with anorexia.

I thought that this Audrey Hepburn plack was a very inspiring thing so I decided to add it into the bottom photo.
"nothing is impossible the word itself says I'm possible"
This is Very true and so we all need to reach for our full potential and follow our dreams.

If you were to get a Pandora charm what would it represent?

Love Becca xxx


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