Crowd Colour customisable makeup brand

Hey guys,

Today we bring you a very exciting new brand launch called Crowd Colour. They are a brand where you can customise your own unique beauty products.
They are striving to be the very first customisable beauty brand.

Giving you (the buyer) full control to design and build your very own one of a kind makeup collection. Their long term goals are to develop a full range of makeup products and accessories which are all customisable to the buyers tastes and style. . Using crowdsourcing methods they plan to include their members in the development and creation of new products and design concepts. 
Crowd Colour is all about embracing individuality and giving the buyer the opportunity to create a  makeup collection that is what they have dreamed of.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the brand and their goals and products and how they will work, here is an example that the lovely people at Crowd Colour created us for you our readers to see an example of their products. This is however NOT a sponsored post this is just a company we love the idea of and wanted our readers to know about as we are both VERY passionate about individuality. We are so happy with how it came out and wanted to let you all know we will be buying and creating our own pallets so when their website is up and running as its not currently we will be sure to show you all how they look in real life and will defiantly review them on our YouTube channel as well as on here.

Phase one of their project is to introduce the Base Palette. The first building bock of the customisation system. Using the latest digital print technology. The Base Palette is  a blank canvas for the buyers creativity and imaginations to run wild with how they would love their own line of makeup products to be designed though however you cant customise the shape of the products but, its close enough to having your own line isn't it. The Base Palette is an empty storage palette with a magnetic base which allows you to keep all your favourite makeup pans together in one handy place.  This also helps you save some money long term as places like mac cell just the pans of eye shadows for less than singles. Also its awkward to carry around different single shadows and they also take up quite a lot of space in a makeup lovers makeup collection.

The size options for the Base Pallet

Filling the palettes -

Future plans for Crowd Colour include  introducing refill pans for eye, lips, face and brows. This will allow you even greater customisation options when shopping on their website. Though you will still be able to use your own items as we said earlier.
If you want a post or video showing you how to depot items be sure to let us know.

If you could help Crowd colour buy just giving a few pounds (or whatever money is used in your country that would be amazing to help them get started. Their is however some products you get from just giving a few pound or 2. For more information check here. We have already given our £8 as that's all we can afford as of this time but in the future will defiantly be spending quite a bit of money on products.

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”
Rumi, The Essential Rumi

Love Rachel and Becca xx (stay creative)


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