I moved House! + Adventures & Performing

So lately I've been having a super eventful and wonderful January, although I feel like I've been turned upside down with constant changes, I'm smiling and making awesome memories and I hope you are too! Here's what I've been up to

On the night of moving, I looked at my neighborhood from my old bedroom (which was, then, a sea Of boxes) and self-consciously screamed a half hearted goodbye out the window. Before I set off and Left the tons of childhood memories behind. Like sunset cycles through the photogenic streets, lighting sparklers outside in the summer, inviting my friends round for a photo shoot and wandering sesh. So of course the next morning was Alice-in-wonderland-confusing. If your going through the same thing, seriously, take something you love with you, I only survived because I had my art supplies.  The countryside seemed like Mars but I still wandered round. And ended up inspired by the roller-coaster that is moving so i created some collages: 

The next weekend, me, Becca, Rachel (Becca's twin) and Ruby-Jane, in the January rain, walked down to the local train station, as Becca captures the laughs and arty moments while I make cringey selfie faces in front of the lens. We walked through town, still pretty with the Christmas lights up, and headed into Cass Art, a super fab art store, where we browsed through all colors of paints, watercolor pens, cute notebooks until it was time for our art class where we learnt to carve linoleum to make crazy animal ink prints. Mine- an ace half lion, cat half unicorn and Beccas creation was part dog, part butterfly, so cute!

Last of my adventures, Yesterday had been something ive been excited for and raving about for months. My band were playing at an iconic, concert ballroom, I only freaked more after finding out that David Bowie, Arcade Fire and more super cool bands have played there. It was an event for singers who are under 18 to play on a huge (and slightly daunting) stage for a big crowd. The first thing we did was run for the dressing room (after getting our pics taken with the other bands) in awe of the retro decor and lightbulb mirrors which just made us more ecstatic and i couldn't refrain from jumping around and grinning. After the first act, we were called out, which is when my nerves got stronger and my heartbeat louder. But being on stage, dancing around and having fun, underneath the coloured lighting made me forget about time. I then joined my friends and did some more dancing around and laughing. The night ended in me and a smaller group getting pizza, adventuring round my new neighbourhood, resulting in us taking creepy pictures in a graveyard, joyfully finding a local play-park to joke around on the swings and slides in, then running back through the mud. I wore a dress from Urban Outfitters, and deep blue lipstick. 

Hope you enjoyed the post. 
What have you been up to this winter, comment below

-Rachel xoxo


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