Beach + February Adventures

This week had been somewhat traumatic yet beautiful, the traumatic part, last night spent Practicing for a last minute acoustic gig, which I nearly missed, (big thumbs up to me)  but preforming is super exhilarating weather it's in front of 1,000 people or 3 and the more gigs, the better it gets. Advice to anyone nervous about going on stage; imagine how you'll feel after and the rush of energy which makes you grin when your dancing underneath the glowing lights, and all the faces smiling back at you. Also remember to find confidence inside yourself and be comfortable in your own skin, it'll be sure to inspire others too! 

Recently I've been so anticipating of summer and the idea of travel, sunshine, exploring new countries and the awaiting adventures. I've already started on my beloved list of adventures for the summer despite how long Away summer is (which is yet to be finnished)

Powder paint fight
Field photo shoot
Palm reading 
Glitter fight
Make hairbands
Make a dress 
Colour run 
Rope swing 

So here are some photos that make me long for summer even more (if that's possible) that I took on the beach! Some are from random summer times or winter beach wanderings, enjoy:

Rachel xxx


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