Body positivity

Hey guys,

Today we wanted to shine a light on body positivity and accepting ourselves as we know we aren't the only ones who at times suffer from not liking our bodies. So here is out advice if your thoughts start highlighting your flaws. It is the body that keeps you warm, sheltered, alive. We are all different and that's why out bodies are art.


We both have had times where we notice our flaws but we always pick ourselves back up and we keep going. Everyone will have a time in their lives when they have to overcome this.

Some things to remember and use everyday

  • what ever shape or size you are you are beautiful don't let the media tell you other wise there is no such thing as perfect so that means everyone is beautiful.

  • Remind yourself of the things you like about your self. It could be your smile or your eyes it could be anything.

  • Remember that everyone has things they don't like about themselves its not just you.

  • Beauty isn't just skin deep its a state of mind

  • look at yourself as a person and not at specific body parts

  • surround your self with positive people (they will help you feel more positive)

  • wear cloths that are comfortable and make you feel confident

  • fuel your body as it also fuels your mood

  • remind yourself that the images you see in magazines can be altered to make someone look taller of thinner (we will never edit our photos of ourselves but also photos can make us look thinner from the angle they are taken at and also taller)

  • those who say nasty things to you about your body are not worth the time or effort

Becca's outfit (second top)

top: new look in the sale

shorts: newlook

tights: marks and sponsors

socks: Primark


Rachel's outfit (first pic)

top: House of Jam

shorts: American Apparel

tights: Topshop


"time to let go of anything that is weighing you down,  beautiful soul..   you will fly better." Melody Ross author of Brave Girls Club: Choose Happy


love Becca and Rachel xoxo (stay happy)!


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