sparkling space buns

I'm going to be showing you how to do space buns with jewel covered roots.
As dark winter nights and snow showers comes cascading in theres no way you have to dim your shine. You can still sparkle through the cold and shimmer under the stars with this super quick and quirky hair style!

 Here's what you'll need:

 Four bobbles
 Two scrunchies
 Hair pins (optional)
 Hair gel ( I used Bumble and Bumble gel)
Jewels of any kind
 Glitter (optional)

 Step one:

 Part your hair from the front down to the back Take the hair separated to the right side and tie this in a bobble at the top side of your head,

 Do the same for the left
Step two:

 Take a scrunchie and tie this round where the ponytails are Do the same for both sides
Step three

 Spread the ponytail round the scrunchie so that it is covering the scrunchie Then take a bobble to tie it in place.
Wrap the remaining strands of hair round the bun and hold in place with hair pins

. Do the same for both sides Okay so your space-buns are complete!Now for the jewels:

 Step one

 Take the hair cream and apply to hair (i also applied glitter)

 Step two

 Then place the jewels where never you heart desires along the parting of your hair and fix with hairspray

 Taa daa! Now your finished. Id recommend wearing this to festive parties, having fun or whenever you feel like adding some shimmer!


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