Fashion + Feminism

Hi cuties!

So anyone that has spent more than an hour with me will know that i can go on eternal rants about anything:social inequality, feminism to animal rights. But a particular issue caught my attention: 

Fashion is art. If its the mood you feel when your picking out your days outfit, the colors chosen, their order, and what they mean to you or the smallest details in the fabric. By fashion you can create your own image, world and a personal aura that is portrayed when your walking around town or amungst other people. 

For some of us its as easy as dying our hair bright blue, throwing on a pink fur jacket and strutting around,in leopard print heals. I am forever hoping outfit choices could be as wonderfully simple as this but as long as the bleak social norms of fashion and trends that try way too hard to tell (us future artists, fashion designers) that its only okay to be self loving while dressed in the trendy, stylish clothing from the wonders of acceptable style that is forced on us wherever we look. totally crushing creativity and the uniqueness of people everywhere that are longing to express themselves in wonderfully wild style creations but are worried to because of the comments that will come their way from the society that raises us to believe wearing what we want is not okay. Stopping body types form wearing what they feel most comfortable in dull enough to take the artistic freedom from life. 

Seriously society should show us its more desirable to have the freedom and bravery to dress like art. So lets unite and wear what we want, don't be afraid to look like a masterpiece if it makes you happy!

Here's a zine i made inspired by feminism:


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