Skin care routine 2016

Hey guys, Becca here again!
Please comment below and tell Rachel to start posting more (jk she will be posting soon she's just super busy but will have a video up on our channel soon).

Anyways as you can tell from th title today I am sharing with you my skincare routine!
I have no means the best skin ever I actually struggle with mild acne (all around that time of the month :( so whatever I do to keep my skin clear doesn't always happen unfortunately). I have combination skin but it used to be very oily although this winter has got much drier than usual :(.

The first product I use is the nivea refreshing toner however I'm nit a massive fan of this so leave suggestions to good toners below!!

 The next product is the body shops camomile cleansing oil to take off my makeup I really like this as it still leaves my skin petty hydrated as some cleansers I have used I have felt that my skin feels super stripped after using it.

The next two products I change up depending on how my skin is playing with me the freederm sensitive facial wash I use when my skin is spotty and the body shop vitamin c cleansing polish I use when my skin is less spotty. I do prefer the body shop cleansing polish as it brightens my skin and it feels much smoother after using it although the freederm sensitive facial wash is a bit more gritty so gets all the gunk out my skin.

The next two items are pretty new to me qnd have I have only used them once but so far I am in love with them. The first thing is the superglue clearly youthful retexturising glycolic peel off mask which I must say is so far my favourite ever face mask and I have used hundreds. It left my skin soft and brightened and that's just what I was after and the most pleasing thing was when I peeled it off I saw black heads and that was the most pleasing feeling ever. Glycolic acid is ment to help with hyperpigmentation which will be good in the long term for me as I have got acne scaring on my face :(.

The next product is the superdrug clearly youthful hydrating serum which soaked into my skin super fast and also left my face feeling hydrated.

One down side to these products however is they don't smell very nice I don't know how to describe the smell but it still doesn't put me off as these are fab products definitely going to buy more products from this range and what was better is superdrug had buy one get one free on this range.

Finally a long loved moisturiser buy me is the body shop seaweed mattiefying day cream. It's such a beautiful consistency it's not to runny and not to thick and soaks in to the skin not too fast and not too slow. If I was to recommend one product you get this is the one!!

Let me know your favourite skin care products below and be sure to follow us on all our social media to keep up to date with is.

Love Becca xxx


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