Studying tips and tricks

 Hey everyone, it's not long till exams start, unfortunately. I know like many studying is boring and doesn't always help us recap what we have learnt for the approaching exam. So I have decided to share some of the things that have been helping me.
Highlighters and an ordinary black pen and paper are your best friends you can do so many things with just three things 

My first tip for you is flash cards, this is helpful as on one side you have the question and the other side the answer. You can ask yourself the question and then try and answer the question and then look at it and then re read the answer.

My other tip is mind maps, personally this is my favorite way to learn. I colour code them all aswell to make it easier to follow.

Another tip I find useful is BBC bite size and youtube for re learning things. I always use this way and take quick notes and then put all the information into a mind map.
Excuse the really rubbish photo of the BBC bitesize page. They also have an app now.

Hope you all found this helpful. 
Let us know in the comments what's your favorite way to study in the comments.
Becca x


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